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"Wasted Potential"


  • Signed and Numbered

  • Edition of 50 prints

  • 70x50 cm

"Wasted Potential" was born in 2017, as an experiment to try myself in oil painting.

This is my first oil painting ever. It was without a name until February of 2020.

I didn't create anything in between, and the original was just sitting in my room for so long. It served me as a daily reminder that I'm capable to create great art with time and patience, yet I didn't.

The title "Wasted Potential" comes from this reminder and urges me to create and to fulfill my potential as an artist.


The original painting is 70x50cm, oil on canvas. It took me about 100 hours total to complete. I had no idea how to use and mix the colors, how to use brushes and nothing about oil paints in general. I learned all these while I was working on this piece.

Original Painting is available for a serious buyer. If you're interested please email to

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